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About LMAO!


There are many websites that publish funny photos and videos that people enjoy to look at and share. LMAO (Laugh My Ass Off) grabs all of the latest funniest photos and videos from the best sources and puts them all on one website for you to enjoy and easily share with your friends via social networks.


LMAO is a media aggregator that finds the latest funny posts on various websites such as Youtube, Vimeo, Flickr and College Humour and automatically publishes them onsite for you to enjoy. You may find that some posts do not feature the entire content, ie, photos missing or videos not playing, however, beneath each post is a link to the original source where you can enjoy the content. All credit for posts goes to the original source, so please check out the source site on any post that you enjoy.


Our social accounts Facebook and Twitter are updated as soon as a new post is published, if you would like to follow us and get updated on new posts, you can by following our fan pages.